Friday, April 27, 2007

Photos and Blogs

A friend emailed me and suggested that I have photos on my blog. People like pictures! I thought that seemed a little shallow, assuming that knitters would look at pictures and then only read the text only if the picture was interesting... then I realized that's exactly what I do! I guess it's time to find my digital camera?

Since I don't have any knitting pictures handy, and I want to test that theory. Here is a picture of Dozer (white) showing Miss Nora where the food table is. Nora was pretending to be very small that day.


Anonymous said...

Well, the picture caught my attention. I'm a cat lover. Your Dozer looks so much like a cat we used to have named Seb (short for Sebastian) & the little one looks like 2 kitties I have now - Tiffy & Taffy.

I found you trying to find the KnitList which looks to be gone! Too bad - love the patterns that everyone shared.

Amy Detjen said...

Actually, the Knit List is still going strong at although the seem to have disavowed any knowledge of me! Such is life.

Thanks for the notes about Kitties, I do so love mine. Dozer is not actually 45 lbs as he looks in the picture, just 12.

Ann said...

The little one doesn't need to pretend!

I, too, will read a blog with cat pictures.

EnnaVic said...

hehe :)

Well I suspect there is something to that but I often don't have pictures in my blog because ... well I have a life that largely revolves around my family... and don't always have, or want to have my camera handy to document it. We don't currently have any pets to photograph and while I have three beautiful kids (8,6,3), I don't want to plaster them all over the place.

And I blog about all manner of things. I'm a bit of a political animal too, and a bookworm (who needs pets with all that wildlife! :) ). And some of that you can't easily have pics to go with.

Anyway (longer response than you expected I imagine) - pictures might possibly influence my initial interest in a blog, but I'm definitely a content girl, and I'm enjoying your blog so far!